Civil Construction, Interior Designing, Fabrication, Landscaping and Surveillance works

Our working style is different from others which creates a bonding between our clients. There’s so much variety of services and each is completely unique and absolutely distinguishable. Come in, hire us – or assign us for your dream home / commercial projects. So, get in touch for any discussions.

Architectural and Interior Drawing

Ananta Services 3D drawings

Floor plans

Smart, strategic, quality designs. 3D and 2D models

Rs. 20/Sqft

Ananta Services Architects


2D Autocad drawings, proper planning

Rs. 10/Sqft

Project Consultancy

It includes Autocad drawings, supervisions on site till completion of the project

Lump sum (Negotiable)


Calculation of total cost of project till completion

Lump sum (Negotiable)

Civil Constructions


It includes the total masonry work from the plinth to roof slab of ground floor. Above ground floor the rate increases at 15% as per the number of floors.
Soil excavation extra in Lump sum basis and Foundation to plinth extra Rs. 60/Sqft.
Note: The price is only for labor charges

Rs. 200/Sq ft

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)

It includes rod binding, shuttering using wood, concrete filling.
Note: Required materials is not included, it is only labor charges

Rs. 60/Sq ft

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

It includes labor charges for concreting of floors

Rs. 35/Sq ft


Labor charges for plastering of walls

Rs. 18/Sq ft

Building Construction

It includes the entire works depending on designs from earth digging to finishing of building including all materials and labors. Materials are branded and best quality. The client only provides the construction plot, water boring and electricity. The rest works is ours.

Rs. 1200/Sq ft onwards

Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring

It includes pipe laying at the time of RCC, conduit piping on walls, main switch panel box, etc. with materials required depending on the drawing for a building.

Rs. 85/Sqft onwards

Electrical Wiring in Labour Charges

It includes only the labour charges for electrical wiring to be carried out according to the clients request or building drawings. It may vary according to work, designs and various ceilings

Rs. 11/Sqft onwards

Interior Designing


Carpentry works creates a beautiful look to the interiors of residential and commercial buildings. The price vary according to the types of material used and designs chosen.

Rs. 650/Sqft onwards


This mentioned price is including labour cost and materials. It may increase depending on the quality of paints, designs and surface of walls.

Rs. 9/Sqft onwards


It includes labour cost and materials to be used by the client. It increases according to it.

Rs. 15,000 per Bathroom onwards


Flooring are available in various options like tile, granite, marble, vinyl, epoxy, etc. Therefore the price also increases according to it considering labour and materials cost

Rs. 50/Sqft onwards

Fabrication Works

Shed Fabrication

This price includes materials and labour. It increases depending on the gauge of pipes, sheets, and design.

Rs. 95/Sqft onwards

More services will be enlisted soon…